Friday, April 2, 2010

Work: Total Classic

Some days, I get to the point where I want to throw the towel in. I was explaining to a friend last week some of the "normal" things I deal with on a daily basis. The friend was shocked and was also immediately reminded of the movie, The Office. Yep, that movie is my life in a nutshell. I think it is especially challenging to work in HR as people expect you to just know everything and be able to fix it all even if it is not an HR issue or not even related to the job. Plus, they expect you to remain nice. Trust me, I normally put on my happy customer service face deal with it, but some days you just can't be nice anymore.

Here is a classic email exchange with co-worker from today. The sad thing is this happens multiple times a day every day. It gets old.

Co-worker 1: I am getting this system error, what should I do?

Me: Yes, I know this is a problem. Email co-worker2, let her know about the error, and wait for a response from her as she handles that piece, not me.

Co-worker 1: Okay, well, I'll copy you, too.

Me: Whatever.

Co-worker 2: Here is what needs to be entered into the system. If you keep getting the error, notify the system team. Thanks.

Co-worker 1: What should I do?

Me: Umm, enter it and if you still get the error, report it to system team email address for correction.

Co-worker 1: I got the error again (insert screen shot of said error), what should I do?

Me (losing total patience at this point): As I mentioned in the below email, report the error to the system team by email. I cannot fix this error for you.

TPS reports, anyone??


Anonymous said...

LOL That cracked me up!

Andrea said...

WOW, that is totally Office Space! I would not be able to keep the "happy HR face" on very long if I was dealing with that every single day. Kudos to you for having the patience to deal with it.