Monday, January 28, 2008

Disaster Lunch Workout

Lately, I haven't had the chance to work out as much as I normally do. I used to workout at lunch and it was the ideal situation - a good break from work, but also a good time to fit in some activity. So, my friend Mandy mentioned she wanted to try an exercise class designed especially for IU Faculty and Staff over the lunch hour. Although I am not much for group exercise classes, it sounded perfect in terms of timing so I said I would tag along and give it a try. It is a 45-min strength training class, which is something I would really like to work on in 2008 anyway. We got to the gym at noon for a 12:15 class. Sounds like plenty of time to get ready, right? Well, we got totally lost in HPER, which is the building where the class is held. It is the old gym on campus. (It is actually a lot like Huff Hall or the Armory for my Illini friends.) There are gyms and workout areas in the building, but there are also classrooms and offices. Anyway, the women's locker room is being renovated, so we had to find the alternate locker room, which was on another floor and way on the other side of the building from the workout areas. So, by the time we found that and got ready, it was right at 12:15. We figured it would be close, but we would try to get to the class. Well, the numbering system in the building seems a little flawed because we walked in circles, asked for the directions, and finally found the room on a building map. Turns out this gym is behind another gym, so no wonder we missed the number! We got to the class at 12:25. So, not only were we 10 minutes late, but everyone in the room had equipment - mats, balls, dumbbells, etc. We had no idea where to get that stuff and with our luck, I am sure the class would have been over before we got everything together. So, we gave up and hit the cardio area for about 15 mins before changing and heading back to work.

My take:
10 laps around the HPER building - 60 calories
15 minutes on the elliptical - 115 calories
Resolve to make the class next week - priceless (after today's ordeal)


Nikki said...

HPER is a very confusing building! I learned my way around a little from taking classes in it, and also when Matt worked there. Hopefully you guys will make it to the class next week -- at least you got a bit of a workout in, even looking for the class! :)

Anonymous said...

We're doing it! Next Monday! Today is the SRSC for running at lunch - BTW, it is 8 times around the track there for a mile, not 6 like the HPER (actually, the HPER is 6 and a little stretch)...Anyway, you're right, we burned off lots of calories with all our powerwalking, and me trying to shove my bag in the locker! You're right, I need a new one, but February is no spend month - and NO!, I'm not buying it today! :)