Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lucy Does Louisville...

...Dock Dogs, that is. This post comes a little late, but last Saturday (1/26) we took Lucy down to Louisville for the day to another dock jumping competition. They are always fun and she has a blast everytime. Her longest jump was 15'9", which isn't too bad. It is about a foot short of her longest jump this past summer. But, this was also an indoor event and her longest jump came at an outdoor event. This was news to us, but apparently dogs do not jump nearly as far indoors as they do outdoors. I am sure there are many factors, but the biggest problem is that the retreiver that the dog is jumping after is blurred by the indoor lights making it more difficult for them to see where it goes. This causes them to jump shorter than normal.

Anyway, we did not go to the second day of the competion because we were busy and her jumps were just average compared to the dogs jumping 22' and 23', so we knew she would not be in the finals. As usual she went crazy jumping on Saturday and hanging out with the other dogs (and whining when we made her get back in her crate). I'll post some pictures when I get them off my cell phone - I forgot my camera. Oops!