Monday, February 18, 2008

Christan's Sports Update

Not much has been going on in the Royer household. We have been too busy with work to do anything else! But, lots has been happening in the sports world.

Things are not looking good for IU yet again. The university's review of Sampson's rules violations will be complete by Friday, so we should know more then. It is possible that Sampson will not be the coach of the Hoosiers for Saturday's game. Now DJ White, one of the top two players on the team, has a sprained knee and will probably not play tomorrow in the big game against Purdue.

Today was the first day of Spring Training for baseball! Go Cubs! This year is the 100th anniversary of the last time the Cubs won the World Series. So, hopefully Dempster's post seasons predictions come true this year. I am getting my Zambrano jersey ready for opening day. I'm still working on convincing Todd that we should be in attendance at Wrigley for Opening Day!

Illinois lost to Penn State this past weekend by one point. Ugh! We have tickets to the Big Ten Tourney this year and I am hoping Illinois turn it around this last few weeks of the season and get a decent seed in the tournament. We'll see. Come on Illini!


Nikki said...

I just heard that White is playing in tonight's game, but maybe not starting. :)

Anonymous said...

GO IU! We kicked Purdue's ass!

I hope Sampson makes it until Tuesday, I could see his last game in person :)

I know, I know, it's not going to happen!