Monday, March 3, 2008


I am exhausted! I can't complain too much because there is always someone who's plate is more full than mine. But, between working full time and teaching this online class at night, I am tired. Most of my free time on the weeknights and a large part of the weekend is taken up preparing for the class, creating PowerPoint slides, recording a lecture to post online, grading homework, and answering hundreds of emails from students. This doesn't include questions I field in the online chat sessions/office hours I host about once her week. I think the fact that the class is taught entirely online with no face-to-face class sessions makes it even harder. I can't always tell what the students understand and what I need to explain with more detail. Anyway, we haven't done anything on the weekends. We have been so tired that it has taken every ounce of energy to go grocery shopping, let alone do anything fun. We have gone out to dinner a few times and seen some friends, but other than that we tried to catch up on sleep when not working! Hopefully, things will turn around in March and I will have more fun things to post about. Spring Break is next week and we are looking forward to some March Madness basketball as we have tickets to the Big 10 tourney in Indianapolis. We have every single game of the tournament (yeah, we went a little overboard this year and probably won't get them all next year), but I will be focused on cheering the Illini past the first round!

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Damn girl! You rock!