Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recycling Crazy Fools

So, I think people think we are officially crazy fools. We got back into town late last night and had no food in the house. We scrounged up some oatmeal this morning, as we had no milk for cereal. For lunch, we decided to eat out and get some groceries. Todd wanted some fast Mexican, so we went to Bajio on the West side. At Bajio, they make up the food in aluminum pie pan "plates" and give out plastic cups for water. All of this is recyclable, but they have no place in the store to recycle anything. So, we typically carry out our trash to bring home and recycle. Today was the first time I really noticed anyone looking at us like we were crazy. I scooped out all of the leftovers we didn't want into the garbage, but kept the "plate" and cup. I really wanted to say something to them for staring, but did just kept walking and put the recyclables on the floor of the car. This is not the ideal way to recycle, but in my opinion every little bit helps. I wish more fast food restaurants used methods to reduce the trash, like at Panera where they have a recycling area by the trash bin or Noodles where they use real plates and silverware. It would do us all good in the long run if restaurants were a little more environmentally friendly.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree! But I'd probably stare at you funny too :) Damn people can't afford their own plates and cups that they have to take them home! LOL