Monday, December 8, 2008

A Saturday Adventure at Lucas Oil

Last Saturday we had tickets to see the IU game against Gonzaga at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The game was a less than interesting. IU kept it close the first half, but the second half was rather boring. We watched the end of the game, but I was more interested in checking out the new Colts stadium and the activities on the field opposite where they set up the basketball court. I wasn't expecting that would have all sorts of stuff going on besides the game. We walked in the field, which was was pretty cool. While walking around on the field, we ran into Jared the Subway guy. We were forced into a photo with him, which Todd was not happy about but I thought was cool! He is actually an IU grad and the Subway he frequented during his weight loss is right on campus. We didn't really talk to him much, but we did say he would pose for a picture with other IU fans. I guess if we weren't IU fans he would have refused the photo? We also saw some other things, including a basketball signed by Calvin Coolidge. It was very cool, but a totally old school basketball. We also saw Shaq's size 22 shoes on display! Those shoes were massive as you can tell from the picture. Tristan - this totally beats out your size 15! I can't even imagine shopping for shoes that size, but I guess if you are Shaq people are probably lined up to make custom shoes free of charge. Thankfully, the weather held out enough that we were able to stop and do some shopping in Greenwood on the way home. I can never get Todd to a mall, so the hour we spent there probably the only hour Todd has been in a mall in two years!


Lana said...

Thank God Tristan's only a size 15 - which is enough of a pain....Shaq's shoes are huge!! Looks like you guys had fun......and hey, Jared the Subway guy is a cool picture to have (We have one with the cow from Chick Fil A last year at the Big Ten / ACC challenge)

Nikki said...

Sounds like fun! Too bad the game wasn't better. :)

Anonymous said...

Todd looks soooo not happy in that picture! LOL