Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring = Hot Air Balloons in the Street

I couldn't figure out why Murphy kept barking and barking until I heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of a hot air balloon fuel tank. We often have hot air balloons come over our neighborhood as there is a field near our house where they can take-off or land. I glanced out the window to check them out and realized they were landing in our street! It was crazy! I yelled for Todd and we grabbed the camera to run out and see the balloon land. I guess there wasn't enough wind to keep them going to get to the field, so they maneuvered to land in the middle of our street. It was pretty awesome and the whole neighborhood was out watching.

The funny thing is that our next door neighbor works for the FAA and sort of busted them. They shouldn't have landed in the street and they didn't do anything to keep people back the proper distance. So, while we were all taking pictures thinking it was cool, she was taking pictures for evidence and flashing her FAA badge. One of the balloon operators was working the crowd handing out business cards which she was busting the second operator. Too funny!


Nikki said...

Pretty cool! Funny about your FAA neighbor!

Lana said...

I can't believe we missed this.....go figure! Tristan was all wrapped up watching tape delayed college basketball and I was engrossed in scrapbooking (I am actually really close to being caught up to date...sort of).

Anonymous said...

That's neat! We had the same thing happen a few days before our wedding! It almost hit our house too! I think there's a pic on fb.