Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny Website Error

In browsing the web, I always come across errors on websites. Of course, as a blogger, I have many typos and issues when posting my materials. But, it always cracks me up when a big company makes a mistake on their website. Think about all the people that must check over everything before it is posted. I am sure there is some sort of review chain. I mean, it can happen. It does at my work all the time even after 3 or 4 people review the site. But, usually we post an incorrect phone number or something. We don't typically post "bad" words.

I came across this when looking for baby gifts for my new niece or nephew that will arrive in about 6 weeks. I thought the Illini shoes were pretty cute, so read the description for more info. I think their spell-checker may have missed that hell should really be heel! I already emailed their customer service suggesting they re-visit the description, but that I was rather amused by the error! In case they already have the link fixed, I copied and pasted out the desciption below.

"Team Squeaks Shoe - Boys
Team squeaks shoe! When your child walks, they squeak! For those quiet times, the squeaker can be easily removed by an adult. The squeaker is located in the hell of each shoe, and can be re-inserted to squeak once again! Also available for girls."

I reminded them that should check the link for the girls, too. It was also wrong. Makes me wonder if it was just the Illini, or if they did the same thing for other teams. :)

UPDATE: They did respond to my email and fixed the error. LOL

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