Saturday, February 6, 2010

Illini Win!!!!!!

Illini beat MSU! Best. Game. Ever! Games like this make me want to be back on campus sitting in the Orange Krush with Tracy, Lindsay, Adam, and Alex. Heck, I'd even take my post-graduation season ticket seats with Heidi and Jamie. I miss those days (and people) so much! I can't even imagine being at Assembly Hall tonight. It would have been electric! Oh to be a student...I am getting old and it sucks.

There are some negative comments about the students rushing the court. I say who cares. We beat MSU, which hardly ever happens (top player out or not). We haven't played this well in years, so the fans are excited to cheer! Finally, it boosts the players' esteem. We have a tough end of season schedule and we need that! I see no harm in rushing the court. In my day, we would have rushed the court AND watched the Chief at halftime. You can't take all our fun away!!!

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