Sunday, May 23, 2010

5k PR!!

This past Saturday I ran in a 5k. This race was significant for a couple reasons. First, this is the first short race I have done in a very long time. Second, this is the first Mag 7 race (local race series) I have done this year. I have missed so many this spring!

This was a new race in town - The Firefighter 5k. It started and ended at the downtown firestation. It was an out and back course that included a water stop at another firestation. Minus the fact that the course was super hilly, it was a great race. Definitely well organized and very fun hanging out at the station.

The morning was overcast with temps in the upper 60s. Good for running except it was rather humid. I ran near a girl I know. I tried to beat her but she had a better kick at the end and beat me by a second! Ugh! I am not good at sprinting at the end of a race. I finished in 24:58. This is my new 5k PR time as far as I can tell from some of my old race times (still trying to complete my whole list)!! Finally, but barely, in the 24's!! This is good for me, although I am not sure I can sustain that especially in the summer races. I am not good at running in the heat at all. I just don't adjust well to the humidity and have a hard time catching my breath when the air is so think.

Normally, a race that good would get me points in the Mag 7 race series. But the competition was tough, especially in my age group! I didn't get any points, but the turnout was huge, which is great for the series.

It is definitely hard to go from longer runs to shorter runs. My legs are used to trying to pace myself over longer runs.

My friend Andrea and I post-race.

Chasing after my friend Mandy's son post-race.

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Anonymous said...

You can totally sustain that - I think all the long distance training/racing has increased your strength immensely. You're going to be surprised at how well you continue to do this year if you're thinking that won't be the case. Thanks for chasing Sam!

Brian Bray said...

Congratulations on your 5K PR. I have a hard time running in the heat and humidity as well - especially in the longer races. Good luck.

Andrea said...

When we were at the race on Saturday I didn't realize that was a PR for you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Especially on such a tough're going to be even faster when you do a flatter race! :)

smileymel said...

Great job on yoru PR lady! Hmmmm....was that ME you were trying to beat by chance?? LOL!