Sunday, September 30, 2007

The busy last weekend - Christan's version

My weekend was less eventful than Todd's weekend, which is probably a good thing. I started off visiting Decatur to attend the wedding of a high school friend. I also got to see one of my oldest friends from high school, Tim. We used to do everything together junior and senior year. I was never allowed to ride out of town, like to away basketball games, unless Tim was driving. It was good to see Tim and Sara, my friend that was married. After the wedding, I headed North to visit my high school friend and college roommate, Heidi. She had a baby about 8 months ago and I had yet to see Koen. I got to see Heidi, Kris, and Koen on Sunday. On Monday, Heidi, Koen, and I haded to Brookfield Zoo for the day. It was fun, but hot and humid. Koen did great for a baby that was teething and in and out of the stoller all day long. Here is a picture of him out like a light just before we headed home. He is adorable and loves to play with toys and be around everyone. He is definitely an outgoing little guy, even at 8 months old! For those of you considering a visit to Brookfield Zoo, I would suggest you reconsider this. Heidi and I thought the zoo was okay, but a little expensive. Also, the exhibits seemed to be spaced far apart, which is not the best idea to keep kids entertained. When we lived in Ohio, we had a chance to visit the Akron Zoo and I would say it is a much better zoo! After the zoo, I headed home and back to work!

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