Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Busy Weekend!

Surprisingly, we were home this weekend, but that didn't mean that we weren't busy as usual. I started Saturday morning out with a 5k. It was a cold morning!! The race started at 8:30am and the temp at race time was about 50 degrees. A far cry from the 80 degrees and 100% humidity at the start of the half-marathon the previous Saturday! Now that I have finally mastered running in the heat, I have a feeling it is going to get cold, which forces me indoors. My friend Lana ran the race as well. It was her first competitive 5k and she did awesome, even getting inspired to run a few more this fall!

After the race ended, we hurried home to shower and head back to campus to tailgate with Lana and her husband, Tristen before the IU-Akron football game. The game started at noon, so you can see there was little time to fit everything in, but we did and Lana grilled some fabulous hamburgers! Here is a picture of Todd and Tristen enjoying the tailgate before the game. For those at those you who have never been to an IU football game, tailgaiting is huge here - for every game, not just homecoming. In fact, this was just one of two pre-game parties we were invited to. So, I am sure there will be more burgers to have this season. For those who actually like football and keep tabs on the score, IU beat Akron and has a 3-0 record so far this season. Hopefully we'll play 13 for Hep!

We went to bed early Saturday night to get ready for the Dock Dogs competition in Terre Haute on Sunday. The Dock Dog competition was being held in conjunction with the local air show. Lucy loves to do dock jumping and this is her third competition this year. We hope to do more as she continues to improve her jumping distance. Also, it is supposedly the fastest growing outdoor sport in the country, so there are more competitions every year. We could only get Lucy into one wave this competition because there were so many dogs, but she still had fun. Maybe I'll make another post in the future and explain all the rules and how the distances are measured. Anyway, she had her personal best jump this time at 16'5". Not enough to get her into the finals at this competition, but still excellent for her. This competition was being taped by the Outdoor Channel and will air sometime in early October. So, no guarantee, but Lucy may be on TV. Todd wore his Cabela's hat to try and get them on the show, as Cabela's was the major sponsor of the event. Here is a picture of Lucy running down the dock. When I post on how the rules work, I'll post some other pictures of her jumping.

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