Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Trip to Wrigley

Well, we finally made it to Wrigley for the first time of the 2008 season! In celebration of Todd's birthday on Sunday, we decided to head to Chicago for the day. Yes, just for the day. I know it is a little crazy, but it really isn't that bad of a trip. We go several times each year and have done the day trip a few other times, so we knew what we were getting into! Anyway, we left the house a 9:00am, got to Wrigley at noon (thanks to the time change), which left us enough time to get tickets and lunch before the game started at 1:20. After the game, we walked around a bit, grabbed dinner, and headed for home after the traffic died down. We made it home by 11:15pm! Of course, we have our special route and new secret parking spot, so that helps us get there despite the crazy traffic. Thankfully, Lucy is an awesome dog and just hung out in the backyard the whole time.

It was a great trip! We saw the Cubs win their 8th game in a row and saw a Soriano homerun. Also, Edmonds did well during the game (although it is hard to cheer for a former Cardinal). It was also Illini day, so we saw lots of fellow Illinois grads and saw Ron Zook sing the 7th Inning Stretch. I will say that we were not dressed for the weather. I checked the forecast before we left and adjusted a little for the cooler temps closer to the lake. The temp was listed as a high of 80, so I figured it wouldn't be much below 70 for the game. Todd and I both dressed in shorts and t-shirts and neither took long sleeves to the game. Yikes - it was freezing, especially with our seats in the shade! I know, we should have known better. We have been to Wrigley in May and June before and know it can be chilly. Maybe we were hoping for summer. Who knows, but I did have to invest in a $60 Wrigley sweatshirt that is two sizes to big for me. Oh well. So, we have seen the Cubs in DC, Cincy, and Chicago so far this year. I am hoping we can check out a few other parks this season. No specific plans yet, but we are not good at planning ahead (I have lightened up on this obsession over the years as I prefer to have detailed plans, as most of you know).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Go CUBBIES!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a great trip! I wish we did more things like that - I love baseball games! I guess we used to before kids... enjoy it now! :) And Happy belated Birthday to Todd!