Monday, June 2, 2008

Sad Puppy News

As some of you know, we have been waiting to get a Chesapeake Bay Retriever for close to a year now. When Todd began hunting more this past year and training Lucy for hunt tests, he knew he wanted to get another hunting dog. Chessies are well known for their hunting skills and we wanted to get a puppy with a good pedigree in terms of hunting. The problem is that finding a good breeder is very difficult. We looked all over the country and finally decided to get a pup from Skoog Kennels right here in Indiana. Lately, we have been waiting with excitement as the pups were to be born the last week in May and we would have brought one home at the end of July.

The sad news is that the pups never arrived. Freyja (the female mother) was taken to the vet last week because she wasn't showing signs of being in hard labor and her temperature was rising. It was decided that she needed a c-section to get the pups out. During the procedure the vet found she had a twisted uterus and that the one pup that she had been carrying was dead. It was determined the pup died when the early labor started to push it down towards the birth canal but had no place to go due to the twisted uterus.

Needless to say, we are pretty sad. Todd was excited to get another dog to train and I was happy that Lucy would have a playmate and someone to keep her occupied. We are looking at other breeders again or we may wait until Skoog Kennels breeds again next year with another dog.


Nikki said...

How sad! Hopefully you find a good breeder to get a Chessy from. I've always loved them!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad! Sorry to hear that.