Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Iowa Visit

I am finally getting around to posting about our visit to Iowa a few weeks back. We went over the weekend of May 17th to visit family. The weekend was packed with activities, but we also got in some relaxation.

Even though we didn't get in until about midnight on Friday, I decided to run a local race Saturday morning. I did the local YMCA 4-mile run, which was a fun and low-key race. There were no race bibs or timing chips. Instead, I was given a popsicle stick with a number as I crossed the finish line. The number matched the time they recorded for you. I ran it in 34:22 - not too bad. I won my age group, but that isn't hard when only three people my age ran the race. Afterwards, we met up with Todd's parents and went to a local pancake breakfast where I ate back all the calories I burned while running! :) Before we left the downtown area where the race and breakfast were located, we walked around an outdoor craft fair and bought a few handmade things.

The rest of the weekend included a lot of baseball! Our two nephews (7 and 8) are both very into baseball and on the same little league team. So, we played baseball with two of our nephews Saturday night and had a cookout with family. The nephews also stayed overnight, so we got to play even more the next morning and talk more baseball. On Sunday, we had a quick lunch right after church before rushing off to see our niece play soccer and watch our nephews' baseball practice. Of course, when not watching the soccer game, the guys were playing baseball. (Like I said, there was a lot of catch going on throughout the weekend.) We ended up back at Todd's brother's house for another cookout.

We left Monday morning and stopped to see my grandma on the way home. We ended up staying with her for the whole day. We took her on several errands since she is not able to drive, took her to lunch at her favorite restaurant, and helped her with a few things around the house. In the next few weeks we will help her move into an "independent living" apartment at a local place called Parkway. We are very thankful for this since her health has been declining and she hasn't been able to keep up with her house. We arranged for her to have nursing care in her home, but it is very expensive and you never know who will be coming and going. Not all of the nurses provided the services they were supposed to, like helping her with meals, etc. So, the new apartment will be a relief to us. Plus, there are nurses on duty all the time, the staff is great, and if anything happens, she can be moved into the more assisted living part of the complex. We saw an apartment similar to the one she will be getting and even ran into some of her friends. Turns out a lady she has known for many, many years lives just three doors down. So, she was happy about that. I think the whole move is terrifying her. She is moving about three blocks away from her house to Parkway, but she has lived in her house for over 30 years. A change like this for someone who is turning 90 is major. I tried to tease her and make it sound like she was young and likened the situation to a college dorm. I think she thought it was a funny, at least for a few minutes. Anyway, it was a long weekend and we were exhausted when we got home, but it was good to see family. Below are just a few of the pics we took!

We ate lots of morrell mushrooms!!

Baseball in the orchard.


Nikki said...

Sounds like a great trip! Hope things work out with your grandma.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the race, Christan! I'm glad things are getting straightened out with your Grandma, even if YOU had to do everything :)