Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching up on coming home from AZ

The last day in Arizona was sad and also scary. I didn't want to leave the warm weather and went on one last sunny 50* run. So nice! After grabbing lunch, we headed to the airport. This is the scary part. I fly, but it is not my favorite thing to do. The line to check-in was long and we waited only to get rejected by the auto check-in kiosk. This was the required first step to get boarding passes, but we knew it wouldn't work and were sent to the lady at the counter who handles all the issues. There is a known terrorist (who is in jail at the moment thankfully) with a name similar to Todd's name. Because of that we ALWAYS get stopped and someone higher up has to approve and print our boarding passes. No auto or pre check-in for us ever. Fun times.

This process always takes awhile. While the nice counter lady was getting us approved a line developed behind us and you could tell they were not happy it was taking so long. Sorry people! I would love not to have to wait at all and get auto boarding passes like everyone else. Most of the peoe behind us had simple issues like a kid flying alone and a lady with a pet. No higher approval needed for them to board.

Because of all that, we made it to the gate with 3 mins to spare. Just enough time for Todd to get his cinnabon (his treat to himself for flying cause he hates it worse than me) and me eat my TCBY yogart. I love the white chocolate mousse. I would eat that stuff everyday if I could! Pretty healthy and super tasty! Too bad they are pretty much only at airports anymore.

We boarded the plan only to realize our seats were not together even though we were traveling together. What?!?! I hate flying so started to freak out. Then the pilot kept announcing while people were boarding they expected turbulance due to a storm over St. Louis. What?!?! At that point I was all tears - didn't want to go home, not sitting near my husband, and expected turbulance. I just couldn't do it! The stewardess saw me crying. At first she wasn't helpful and then she could see I was really upset, so she got someone to move around so Todd and I could sit together. Relief!! The flight was pretty uneventful except for the bumpy ride over the Midwest and a crying child at the end. We got home to about 10* and we had left Phoenix at 68*. that pretty much sucked. Our house was frigid that night because it took forever to warm up.

We got the dogs back the next morning. It's always fun to have them come home from boarding because they go crazy seeing us and running around their place! No more small, cramped kennel (that costs us a fortune).

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illinigirl said...

Do part of that day sounds fun. . . :( Well, except for the white chocolate mouse frozen yogurt. MMMMmmm. I love that, too.