Friday, January 1, 2010

Tuesday's travels

Back to Tuesday and then the rest of the week. We checked out downtown Santa Fe. Very cool, although cold. Tons of little specialty shops along little streets. In one spot, all the locals set out their goods for sale on the sidwalk. They literally put down a blanket and put out their handmade items, mostly jewelry. If I was more into jewelry, I would have bought some as it was pretty cool.

After checking out many different shops, we grabbed lunch at Blue Corn Cafe. I finally got some good homemade guac and tacos with homemade blue corn shells. We stopped at another pottery store that sold actual kitchenware. I would love to have a set. Still debating as one bowl is $30 and I would still need plates, cups, etc. I may have them ship me one serving bowl at least. It is so cool! We actually watched them make it in the shop.

We were originally supposed to be in the Grand Canyon for a few days, but canceled that on the way and stayed in Santa Fe instead. Part of our 15 hours at home between trips included a visit to PromptCare for Todd's foot. No fracture, just some stretched tendons that made it painful to walk on one foot. He now gets new raquetball shoes, and we decided to nix any hiking for now.

We left Santa Fe late afternoon for more driving. But, we finally made it to Arizona. Unfortunately, it was mostly nightime driving, so we missed all the senic stuff.

We found a cool brewery that all makes pizza. It was 10p - midnight our time - so anything would have been good at that point! After that we crashed. Three days of driving for two days of football was exhausting!!

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