Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Bad Haircut

Well, I think I just got about the worst haircut of my life. The cut itself actually isn't that bad in the sense that it doesn't make me look horrible. In fact, Todd calls it, "the most stylish cut you've had since before we got married." However, it is not at all what I requested. The problem is that my normal hairstylist is out of the country and won't be back for another month (although to add to my pain, I've heard she will be back sooner). So, I tried a friend's stylist. When I met her, I gave her all my rules:
  1. No bangs
  2. All hair must fit into ponytail
  3. No product and very little hairspray
  4. Do not flip my hair up, I curl it under
  5. It has to be quick to do in the mornings

However, she decided to cut off all my hair. All of it!! It now barely falls below my earlobes. Before the appointment I could fit every piece of hair into a long ponytail without problem. I estimate she cut off at least 5 inches if not more. I asked her to cut it, gave her all my rules (which I feel are pretty specific), and further explained that my hairstyle had to fit my lifestyle - I am busy and like to workout, so I don't "fix" my hair often. She showed me where she would cut and added that she would include some layering. Well, there must have been a miscommunication or something, because what we talked about did happen. Instead, she proceeded to cut my hair how she thought it should look - short without a ponytail. And at the end, she asked if I wanted bangs! I reminded her I did not want them (see rule #1 above). Needless to say, I was a bit shell-shocked. The only layering that took place was the hair she stacked in the back which I could not see her doing.

I have never been so upset about a haircut. More than anything, because she did not listen to me! I mean, it is my hair and I am paying her for a service, so I should get what I ask for, right? I guess I am just upset that she blatantly disregarded what I told her I wanted. So, I already know I am growing it out. Unfortunately, it can't grow fast enough! Actually, hair grows an average of 1/2-inch per month. So, I guess it will take about six months to get it back to a decent length that will fit in a ponytail. I guess I'll have to wait it out. The other thing I feel awful about is that my friend will continue to go to her and I listed her name as the one who recommended me.

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