Monday, December 17, 2007

Bad Karma?

So, here I sit typing this blog on Todd's laptop. Mine is dead, no longer, adios. I noticed that my hard drive was spinning loudly on Saturday night as I was working on a photo Christmas gift for our family. So, on Sunday I announced to Todd that I was going to backup all of my files. I grabbed our spare CDs, jumped on my laptop, and I was immediately faced with the dreaded "blue screen of death." Gasp! I tried re-booting to no avail. The hard drive just kept spinning and sounding worse and worse. I just got a black screen with kernel error messages. I gave up after an hour or so and Todd took a turn. Somehow he was able to hold my computer at about a 25-degree angle and get to the Windows screen where you can boot into safe mode. So, we lodged some books under the edge of my laptop and proceeded to move off a bunch of files onto a jump drive, but it wasn't big enough for my photos, too. So, I ran out to Best Buy and bought a 4GB jump drive. I have yet to try and boot it into safe mode again, but will try later tonight. I looked at my last CD of data that I backed up and it read June 2007. So, it has been roughly 6-months since my last backup. You might be thinking that a technical-type person would backup more often. I guess I probably should, but I was just taking my chances. I do a backup every 4-6 months, so the data is never that old. However, I have taken a larger than normal number of pictures lately due to this blog. So, I am anxious to try to retrieve them. Bottom line - Merry Christmas to me and my new laptop that I need to order this week. My former laptop was purchased in late 2002/early 2003, so it is at least five years old and not economically worth trying to repair/replace the hard drive. I am teaching a course in the spring at IUPUI, so I need my laptop to function when the semester starts and also so I can get to my work stuff remotely. Thus, I need a laptop soon!

With the bad haircut, the bad eBay transaction, and now the bad hard drive in just two weeks, I am hoping my my bad karma is over. If it comes in threes, I should be safe for awhile.

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Nikki said...

Oh no!! I don't know why karma would be bad to you, but this stinks! Sounds exactly like my hard drive before it went out, but luckily you could retrieve some files. Heh.. same thing here - pretty techy person with a very techy husband and I lost so much stuff!