Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Wow! It has been awhile since I have made a post. I guess my attempt at trying to post once a week has been flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately, my busy season at work also corresponds with the holidays. That leaves me little time to do much else. I am either chained to my desk or traveling to get somewhere in our car. Thanksgiving was a fun time this year. We got to do a lot of things, although that meant more time in the car. But, we did have fun and loved seeing those that we could. Below is a quick recap. I'll try to post more frequently in the next couple of weeks.

  • We got to eat a huge family Thanksgiving dinner! However, the stuffing (my favorite food of the season) did not stretch far when 17 family members are partaking. We ate with Todd's family and they also included my grandma in the day.

  • We played a lot with our nieces and nephews, although Todd may have traumatized Lizzie. He took a "nap" with her, which included letting her cry herself to sleep (none of us heard her downstairs since the other kids were playing and we were cleaning up dinner). Personally, I think she was freaking out that some random guy was trying to get her to sleep instead of her mom or dad. So, now every time Todd tries to pick her up she starts balling and stretches her hands out for anyone who is nearby to take her instead.

  • Todd got to do several days worth of hunting. We now have more duck in our freezer (those are all his to eat) and Lucy got to retrieve a 20-lb Canadian Goose that another guy shot. The bird was too big for her to carry in her mouth like she normally would, but she made due dragging it back by a wing.
  • I made a quick shopping trip to the mall with my sister-in-laws. After going to JC Penney, we decided it was too busy and gave up. This was at 1pm, after all the lines had died down some.

  • My college friends Adam and Lindsay just had a new baby. So, I got to visit Lauren at just 4-weeks old. Of course, she slept in my arms most of the time, which probably meant she was up the rest of the day keeping her mom busy instead of sleeping!
We were so busy we forgot to take pictures. But, here are a few from the day.

Daniel would not eat any typical Thanksgiving treat, like pie or cookies. Instead, he only wanted marshmallows, which he loves!

I didn't get a good picture of Todd holding Lizzie, but this is similar to the face she kept making. Her face would scrunch up, her eyes would start to tear up, and she would start holding her hands out for someone else. Max was a trooper as we tried to get a picture of the cousins.

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