Saturday, April 12, 2008

Face plant

So, I did a face plant right into the cement today. The local YMCA held their annual Spring Run (although it felt more like fall) and I decided to partake. They start a 5k run at 8am and a 10k run at 9am. So, it was the prefect opportunuity for me to get in a long training run for the Indy Mini. The 5k went great - I finished, said congrats to my friends that ran and did awesome, used the restroom, and came back to the start line for the 10k. All was fine, minus the gale force winds, until mile 4.5. I was running along and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. Apparently I tripped over a piece of concrete sticking up that I did not see. Of course, a bunch of people, including a police officer, saw the face plant. I picked myself up and started running again, but I felt so dumb! Thankfully no major injuries except for a sore left hip. However, I still feel dumb about it and my hip is pretty sore as I write. Stupid concrete and potholes!


Nikki said...

Ouch, Christan! Glad you weren't more hurt, but hope you feel better! Great time still. :)

Anonymous said...

Brings new meaning to hit the ground running. LOL Just kidding! Glad you're okay :)

SheWesty said...

christan, i did the exact same thing our first year living in chicago! rye & i were jogging through the neighborhood and i tripped over a section of the sidewalk that was sticking up - right in front of a cafe with many outdoor diners! not only was i incredibly embarrassed... but i slightly fractured my knee (we learned later). so rye had to help me limp about 1.5 miles home. i thought i could never top this one until i bit it on a treadmill in a crowded gym 2 years ago. that story is a little too long for blogging... and really, no story is required to just make you laugh at the thought of my face planting (or knee planting) on a treadmill, right!? :) glad you're okay! and way to go w/ the training.