Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My rant of the day:

USATF has banned all headphones or like electronic devices from races citing that runners need to be more aware of their surroundings while running to be safe. This ban went into effect last year, but it seems that more and more races are actually enforcing the ban this year, including disqualification or removal of the headphones at the start line. Unfortunately, the Indy Mini is apparently trying to enforce the rule for the race this weekend. I am so mad about this (steaming mad). I do wear headphones on all my runs and throughout training, so not wearing one on race day really throws me off! Plus, I am paying to run, as such I should be allowed to wear whatever I want when I run. How about banning the crowd from smoking along the race route?!? In my opinion, that would be more safe for the runners than banning headphones. Gee, headphones or second hand smoke. If we are talking about safety in general, I pick headphones. Not too mention the route is blocked from traffic and well marked, so it would be next to impossible to be unsafe wearing headphones! The Indy Mini is trying to impress upon runners that there will be plenty of entertainment and bands on the way. Well, I don't always like the music those bands play and I hate hearing the sound of myself breathing that the music drowns out. Not too mention I need a U2 song or two to get me through the final stretch. Oh yeah, did I say I was paying to run and should get to wear my headphones if I want!?! Ugh!!

(I thought posting about this and getting it out would make me feel better about the situation, but I am still steaming mad.)


Nikki said...

I'm totally with you, Christan! Especially the banning of smoking! I just can't run without my music. When I run on roads, I just turn it down a bit, or pull one ear out. Then I can still hear music, but can also hear cars. I think that's just dumb!

SheWesty said...

i'm with you, sista - on both accounts. i don't know which is worse - having to hear myself breathe while running or running through lincoln park on a beautiful day and having to pass through a cloud of smoke while going around a pedestrian (this is actually another pet peeve of mine - people walking SLOWLY on the running/biking path). fortunately, the city of chicago banned smoking in parks last year. but i haven't seen any enforcement of that one. it's even worse when you're pushing a stroller through the cloud too! now you'll have to hear yourself hacking as you choke on the smoke... getting you even more fired up over the smokers! :) good luck this weekend. remember the fun sleepover last year?