Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A True Retriever

This past weekend Todd took Lucy to a hunt test. Lucy did great and they had a good time despite the cold and damp weather. The hunt tests are are actually a series of tests that dogs must pass to get obtain certain levels of hunting. The tests are sponsored by the International Huning Retrieving Club and the tests occur all over the world. Lucy is trying for her Started title, which is essentially the novice level. In order to achieve this title she must pass four hunt tests. Each hunt test includes a land retrieve and a water retrieve. She also must meet other criteria. For instance, she must retrieve the bird and bring it back to Todd by returning it to his hand or drop it within a certain distance of his feet. This past weekend they completed two tests - one on Saturday and one on Sunday and passed both. She even has the ribbons to prove it (apparently the trend it to hang them on the dog's kennel)! Sunday was very cold and some dogs wouldn't get in the water to retrieve because it was so cold. But, not our Lucy girl. She will break through ice if it means she gets to swim, so the cold water did not stop her from getting a bird on Sunday! She has to pass two more tests to officially get her Started title.


Lana said...

congrats Lucy!

Nikki said...

Sounds like Lucy did well!