Sunday, January 4, 2009

Setting Goals, not Resolutions

I realize I need to update the blog with our holiday adventures, which weren't exciting unless you include lots of time in the car and being sick on the fun list. I don't. Anyway, I have been thinking about what resolutions I should make for 2009 and I can't come up with much. Is this bad?!?! I think the reason is that I am not much of a resolution person. I have lots of friends that make lists and recap how well they did the previous year. But, I don't want another list of stuff I should be doing to worry about or make me feel guilty. I already have lists of stuff I want to do that I can't get done. Plus, the word resolution has a strong meaning of determination, consistency, and willpower to do something, hence the guilty feelings for failing to follow through. Also, I have read some articles about how making resolutions can actually be bad for your health.

So, this year I am not making any resolutions. I might set a few goals for myself. Goals are less worrisome because if you don't reach them the first time around, you can always try again. Also, I feel like you can change and adjust goals over time. I guess I am going for the softer approach to the new year. Maybe this will to help me reach a goal of being less stressed out. :)

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Mandy said...

I think that's a great plan, resolve to not resolve. :)