Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our first day of spring!

Spring is least until the cold front and rain come through tomorrow! We got a lot dine today. Well, Todd did most of the hard labor. I just watched and handled him some tools when needed.

The garden is almost ready for planting when it gets a tad warmer. Todd cut down one of our fruit trees this morning. It hadn't produced any fruit since we planted it five years ago and the trunk was splitting. So, he cut it down and doubled the size of the garden. It is now about 22ft by 11ft. Pretty big! Hope this summer is better than last and we actually get some better vegetables!!

First flower to bloom in our beds. Hopefully the others are soon to follow!

My rhubarb is already coming up! I better start using the 10quarts left in the freezer from last year!!

Lucy hanging in the yard with us and rolling in the grass and warm sun!

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