Sunday, October 14, 2007

Illini sports

I got the chance to see Eric Gordon at Midnight Madness on Friday night. Of course, I am in mourning with my fellow Illini that I saw this at Indiana University and not the University of Illinois. All I can say is that I am sad he will not be wearing orange and blue this season because he is awesome! Seriously, probably the best freshman player I have ever witnessed. From the three-point arc, he is amazing! He also had some pretty cool dunks! Now, how he plays when the Big 10 season starts is yet to be seen, but I think he will do fine, especially after the first few games when he learns to adjust to the play style of the Big 10. But, he is really, really good. The only light of hope at the end of this sad, dark tunnel is that he will probably only be at IU for a season or two. I mean, if you're that good, why not make millions in the NBA? Heck, I would sign up if I had any talent. Did I mention he is amazing?!?

In other news, I am still keeping out hope that the Illini football team will make a bowl game. It would be so awesome to go! I didn't get to go to the last bowl game due to work, but I am motivated to go this time around. I've already talked to several friends that want to make a trek to wherever it is we would play. However, I am a little worried about playing OSU at OSU and some other games. Unfortunately, I may be donning my cream and crimson to see IU in a bowl game if the Illini don't make it. IU has the same record as the Illini, but definitely a much, much easier schedule. They don't play OSU or Michigan this year. Don't worry, my allegiance remains to the Illini, but it is followed by Indiana (hey, what can I say - they pay the bills around here) and then the Big 10 Conference in general.

So, much like my Cubs, I am keeping faith that the Illini will make the post-season in both football and basketball!

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