Monday, October 8, 2007

Lucy Takes 1st Place!

This past weekend we went to the at the Monroe County Humane Association Walk for the Animals. This is one of the biggest annual fundraisers for the local shelter. They set up one of the area parks with dog events, dog play areas, and all sorts of dog treats. Lucy had a great time despite the 90 degree weather with 100% humidity. In the doggie water park, she took over one of the baby pools and laid down in the water. A few other dogs tried to get in and share with her, but she kicked them out and laid back down to cool off. She really thinks she is something, as you can tell by the picture of her in the pool!

They also had this crazy dog cake donated by a local bakery that she devoured faster than anything I have ever seen her eat. Lucy is a picky eater and won't eat unless she is hungry or we give her one of her favorite treats. But, she loves this cake. It is the second year they had the cake and she ate the heck out of it last year, too (last year we even got them to give us some to take home) . They also had some doggie events and competitions. Lucy is a competitor. Seriously, she knows the difference between playing and competing. Todd and I were talking about how funny she is when she puts her game face on. This year, she competed in the Recall Relay and took first place. The relay requires the dog to stay about 30ft directly across from the owner. When called, the dog that gets to their owner the fastest wins. There were three heats and then the top three dogs from each heat raced in the final round. Lucy was by far the fastest and one of the better trained dogs in the competition. She stayed without restraint and ran straight to Todd when called. No distractions, no hesitation. She definitely had her game face on. Here is a picture of her with the grand prize. We missed taking pictures at the race!

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