Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Weekend

I never posted anything about the events of last weekend (10/13 and 10/14), except that we saw Hoosier Hysteria. I also ran another 5k with some friends, Todd took Lucy pheasant hunting at a hunting preserve, and we went to a u-pick apple orchard. It was a fun weekend and it was nice to be home. Usually we are out-of-town, so it was nice to sleep in and enjoy a great weekend weather-wise. Here are some pics of the activities, although I didn't get any of my kick-butt homemade apple pie!

Lana (R), Sheena (C), and I after the race. It was perfect running weather and we finished on the 30-yard line of the football field. Very cool!

This is probably a little gross, but I'll post anyway. Hopefully I am not offending any vegetarians or bird lovers out there, but here are Todd and Lucy cleaning a pheasant in our driveway (yes, the driveway while neighbors drive by). What the picture doesn't show is that Lucy just keeps trying to get at the bird. She LOVES hunting!

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