Monday, October 29, 2007

Whiffle Ball Update

I never followed up on my whiffle ball league. We called ourselves Team W after winning whiffle ball women. Really, it is after the W for the Cubs Win! Anyway, it has been interesting to say the least. We have played two games so far and lost both. We got beat by a really good team the first time around. Beat is probably an understatement. We pretty much got slaughtered - to the point we got the 10-run rule applied. But we had a blast playing!

The second game we lost by only a few runs, although I think we should have won the game. Everything was working against us - we only had three players to the other team's six, we had to play with a cracked ball (even after switching out two other cracked balls), and we played a sorority team that survived solely on cheating. Now, I am a fair person and I feel like I am a gracious loser, but I was just ticked off after this game. Whiffle ball is a recreational league, so the games are self-officiated. But, the teams have to agree on the plays. The sorority team never called themselves out a first, even if they were out by a mile and knew it. They kept skipping one girl in the batting order because she was no good. It was so obvious and we were so frustrated!

So, the rules are a little odd. You pitch to your own team, so if you are short players you lose base runners - there are no ghost runners. You have to throw the ball into the pitcher's hand, aka your teammate standing by the pitcher, who calls time to stop play. If time is called and you are between bases, you can only move to the next base if you are past the half-way point. Weird. I could go on with some other weird rules. But, it does make the game move faster! Below is a picture of me in the outfield. We play at the Rec Sports Center on campus.

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