Sunday, November 9, 2008

I want our car back!

We have had a rental car for over a week now and it is so annoying! I want our car back! Some idiot wasn't paying attention and rear-ended Todd on his way to work. Well, he was stopped in at a light and the force of the accident pushed him into the car in front of him and that car hit the car at the front of the line. So, it was a mini four car pile-up all because one person was not paying attention. Our car has about $6500 in damage and is not drivable. We were able to get it out to the Honda dealer to be fixed without a tow, but the front-end is smashed in and the rear is a mess, too. We hope to get it back at the end of this week (crossing fingers). It took some time to get all the parts in and to make all the repairs - there are three pages of parts they had to order. Great! Thankfully they are only using new Honda parts and not after-market parts to fix the car. From previous experience, I am not a fan of after-market parts. But, the accident cased a lot of hassle and readjustment in our lives. Among other things, we had to haul the dogs to Iowa in my car, which left little room to pack anything. Good thing we also had to haul a bunch of stuff for my grandma's 90th birthday party, too. It all worked out in the end, but the guy didn't even have his license or proof of insurance with him at the scene of the accident. I understand accidents happen and are caused for many reasons, but this guy clearly was going a little too fast and not paying attention. Now, we have to deal with the aftermath of his mistake. But, complaining aside, I have to say that no one was injured, so that is good news.


Anonymous said...

That blows! What a jerk!

Nikki said...

That's crazy! I hope everything gets worked out and you get your car back soon.