Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Murphy update

Murphy 5 months old and getting big. He is doing really well at learning some basic commands and will go to obedience class in January. He loves to go out hunting with Todd. He is a retriever and will go forever if he isn't distracted. Of course, the biggest of all distractions is Lucy. They are either snuggled up next to each other, are wrestling over some toy, or fighting for attention. Neither has a clue how spoiled they are. Here are some classic Murphy shots.

He is hiding behind the couch cushion from the vacuum. Both he and Lucy are scared of the Dyson!

He is waiting for Lucy to finish her meal. He waits patiently right next to her (sometimes almost on top of her) until she is finished so he can gobble up whatever is leftover. The good news is that we have made huge progress in this area! He used to just eat her food if we tried to set it out. Now he waits even if she doesn't eat right away and cleans up after the fact. What a goofball!


Anonymous said...

Sam's scared of the vacuum too, but probably b/c I don't use it often enough! Ha ha!

Nikki said...

They're both so cute! Orion runs frantically from me when I have the vacuum. :)