Sunday, November 16, 2008

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days when you try to go running or workout and it just doesn't turn out? Like when:
  • You lack all motivation - you are tired, cold, and just don't feel like doing anything, but you decide to go out anyway.
  • The batteries in your mp3 player die part way into your run and you have to finish out several miles in silence. (Even though you checked and seemed to have enough battery power before taking off.)
  • You can't run on the sidewalk easily because it is covered in leaves, brush, and tree branches people have dragged out for the street department to pick up. Good thing the street department hasn't come by in over 4 weeks to get it. Instead you run in the street with people driving by too fast for a residential area.
  • You get chased for a good quarter mile by some idiot's little dog barking and nipping at your heels the whole way. They owners have a fence, but apparently not for use by the dogs. You go by the house on a second loop around the neighborhood and the same thing happens. Thankfully some people a few houses down sense your distress and help chase the dog the opposite direction you are heading. I love animals, but not this one. I honestly was hoping it would get hit by a car.
  • You dress for the weather, only it is hard to know that as you are running West into the cold wind, you shiver the entire time. Then, as you turn the corner and head East, the wind is at your back and you begin to sweat and take off your gloves, etc. Only to turn into the wind again causing chills from the sweat that has developed. You frantically dash to put your sweat-soaked gloves back on.
  • You have a bad haircut and you are trying to grow it back out, but the wind whipping around you causes hair to fly in your face even though it is being held back by your headphones and ear band.
  • You felt like you were running in slow motion because you lack motivation and have no music (see points one and two above).
  • Cut your run short, because you just aren't enjoying the run like normal.

Yeah, all of this happened this morning. Just 3-miles into an 8-mile run, which was quickly cut down to 6-miles. This ranks at the top of one of my worst runs ever. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Can I post this on The Writer's Block? I love it and it is all sooooo true. Especially the f'in little dogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the wind was KILLER today. I ran my first mile out in 7:15 and on the last mile back I was d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g running into the wind. Horrid. I thought my hips would collapse.

PS: Let's run together next weekend...???

Nikki said...

Man, that sounds horrible! Esp the little dog!