Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-election Reflection

I have many observations from the election, but decided to post just one. I think voters this year were smart and didn't focus on one issue, but looked at the issues globally to pick the best candidate. Take Indiana for example. This is the first time in a very long time the state went for the democratic candidate. It has historically been a red state to the point candidates didn't spend any money or visit the state because there was never a reason. Yet, voters that cast their ballots for Obama overwhelmingly re-elected a republican governor. Even if they may not have agreed on every issue, it is hard to argue the positive changes that occurred during the governor's first term. People didn't look at the party affiliation, but voted for who they thought was the best leader. The only thing that upsets me is some of the post-election negatism towards Obama. It seems he hasn't even gotten a chance and some aren't even giving him a chance. Whatever happens, we need leaders to help us get through some tough times ahead with the economy, war, global warming, and international relations, just to name a few. Republican, Democrat, Independent, or otherwise, I hope those elected from the local to state to federal level will work hard to make positive changes for our country.

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